Summer is finally here and with it the smell of freshly cut grass, backyard barbecues, and sunscreen lotion. We’ve transitioned into a new season with its own skincare rules. They revolve around the sun and, protecting us from its UV rays. Summer puts extra stress on our skin, and using sunscreen with a high SPF is essential. 

Here are our favorite tips for getting you summer skincare ready.

Slip, Slap, Slop, and Wrap!
According to the American Cancer Society, we’re most protected from the sun’s harmful rays when we layer several types of protection. So, slip on a shirt, slap on a hat, slop on sunscreen and wrap on sunglasses. These all work together to supplement the protection we get from sunscreen, which is often not enough on its own.

Remember The Two-Hour Rule
We all need to be extra careful about reapplying sunscreen every two hours. Clearly, if you’re spending most of the day indoors, this isn’t necessary. But for those days where you’ll be outside all day, reapply sunscreen every two hours and even more frequently if you’re doing a lot of sweating or swimming.

Lips need protection, too, so look for balms with SPF. This may seem extreme, but surprisingly, most cancers on the face occur on the lips. This sensitive skin is susceptible to sun damage, just like the rest of our faces.

The summer heat can zap the water our body needs for plump, youthful-looking skin. Remember to drink at least eight glasses of liquid each day (soda and other sugary drinks don’t count). You might need more than eight cups of water, especially if you’re spending time outdoors. You can also hydrate with sweet fruits like oranges and melons that are dripping with skin-quenching water. The same goes for many vegetables, including cucumbers. They have an amazing water content of 90%.

Switch to a Serum
The heavy moisturizers of winter gave way to the oil-free moisturizers of spring. And now that summer’s here, a silky serum might be all the hydration your skin needs. This gem from SkinCeuticals, the C E Ferulic Vitamin C serum, undos new damage from lazy days in the sun. A serum helps not just moisturize but also nourish your sun-exposed skin.

Retinoid Can Take a Summer Break
Summer’s the time to relax your retinoid use because it can make your skin extra sensitive to the sun. This also applies to alpha and beta hydroxy acids. If you still want to use these products, limit your sun exposure, use less than usual, or switch to every other day or less. You can ramp up your usage again during the shady days of fall and winter. 

Prepare for Events
Now’s the time to renew our friendships and our Botox and lip filler injections, too. We all want to glow during the summer weddings, galas, soirees, and other big events of the season. Botox injections are a quick, effective way to relax away crow’s feet and worry lines and reveal a more youthful, refreshed look for summer. Fillers can accentuate our precious pouts, which many of us are excited to show off this summer. Ready to book your Botox or filler appointment? Click here.

Whether you’re out and about enjoying the summer weather, or inside taking a much needed break and relaxation, don’t let your skincare fall by the wayside. If you have any questions, schedule your appointment now. We are here to help!
Rachelle Riley