Summertime road trips are in full swing, and there's nothing quite as liberating as the feeling of hitting the open road. But the cool wind blowing on your skin and the warm sun on your face needs to be balanced with extra protection and hydration. So follow these tips to get your skin ready for a road trip and keep it glowing for those selfies along the way.

Maintain Your Skincare Routine
Keep your skincare routine consistent on your road trip. Stick to your familiar products. Now is not the time to buy something different just because it comes in a cute travel size. Instead, ensure you don't get an unexpected reaction and keep your skin break-out-free by packing what you're already using.

Get Creative With Containers
If space is limited and you don't want to haul full-size products, buy tiny travel-sized bottles and transfer your product into them. You can even get creative and make your travel-size containers from everyday household objects. For example, ziplock bags are a great way to store makeup remover wipes. Likewise, a clean contact lens holder can double as a moisturizer container. 

Remember The Essentials
Don't Pack Retinol 
Retinols can make your skin extra sensitive to sun damage. Riding in a sunny car for hours means more sun exposure than usual, so keep it off your packing list. Also, remember to pause retinol use before your road trip to avoid redness and irritation.

Prepare for Emergencies
Despite the best-laid plans, sometimes things go awry on road trips. Bees sting. Bugs bite. Feet blister. So remember to pack emergency products that can bring you some relief in case the worst happens. Products to relieve insect bites and antibacterial ointments are rarely needed. But, when they are, it's a relief to have them on hand. The same goes for sunburns. We all expect to protect our skin, but sometimes we miss a spot or forget to reapply sunscreen, and well, burns happen. Pack sunburn care just in case you need it.

Water, Water Everywhere
Drinking a lot of water is one of the best things you can do to hydrate your skin from the inside out. Water keeps your skin, body, and mind functioning at their best. So stick with water to keep your mind alert on the road and your skin hydrated. Also, you'll want to rethink caffeine which can dehydrate you and can make you feel tired.

Reapply Sunscreen
You're still exposed to UV rays inside a car, so you need to protect the skin on your face and body. And don't forget those bare toes propped up on the dashboard—they need sunscreen, too. Be sure to apply sunscreen before your road trip starts. You can set the alarm on your phone to remember to reapply it throughout the drive.

Go Beyond Sunscreen
Wear a hat and sunglasses to prevent eye strain and squinting—and the fine lines it can cause around the eye area—while you drive. Improve the sun protection on your arms by slipping on a loose long-sleeve shirt in a thin, breathable fabric like cotton or linen. 

After The Trip
Continue your skincare routine when your road trip is over and you're back home. Go ahead and enjoy some of those products you didn't have space for in your luggage. Dive into exfoliating or soothe your skin with a hydrating mask. And as always, if you have any questions about any of these tips or want more personalized advice, Reach out for an appointment!
Rachelle Riley