As spring rains clean nature, let's do the same for any tools, pillowcases, and masks that touch our face. They've built up quite a layer of gunk over the winter, so now is the time to get them sparkling clean again. And while we're at it, let's replace our old products, too. Fresh tools and products will help us spring into the new season knowing we're ready to face anything that comes up.

Wash Your Tools  
Bacteria, yeast, and fungus can build up on brushes and sponges, not to mention the rainbow of caked-on colors and oils. Spring is the perfect time to clean your makeup tools. Use warm water and a brush cleanser or gentle soap to wash them.

Change Your Pillowcase   
It's time to wash your pillowcase if it's been a week since you last did so. Here's why: a dirty pillowcase can lead to a breakout especially if you have sensitive skin or are acne-prone.

Toss Synthetic Face Coverings  
Throw away any face coverings you have that are made from synthetics like rayon, nylon, and polyester. These fabrics can cause skin irritation and breakouts. Replace them instead with a breathable, natural fiber like cotton.

Edit Your Makeup  
Spring is the perfect time to edit your makeup collection. Toss cracked or old makeup, like powder compacts or mascara that's more than a few months old. Throw away anything that's worn-out, dirty, or expired. Also, get rid of products you don't use because they don't look good on your skin tone. You'll be left with an edited makeup collection that makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Just remember also to clean up your makeup bags.

Freshen Your Makeup Bags  
Now's the time to freshen your makeup bags and containers. If you're cleaning up what's inside them, it only makes sense to clean them too. Most makeup bags can be turned inside out and thrown into the washing machine. If yours is delicate, hand wash it with a gentle cleanser. If your makeup bag is beyond cleaning, chuck it and buy a fresh one.

Replace Old Sunscreens   
Head into the spring season with a full-potency sunscreen that's ready to do its job to protect your skin from UV rays. Did you know last years' sunscreen may be too weak to protect your skin? That's because it expires after the "use by" date that's printed on the container. So, check your bottles of sunscreen and refresh them if you need to. We recommend EltaMD UV Active Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ if you need sunscreen.

Schedule a Skin Check  
The start of a new season calls for a shift in gears and while swapping out heavy winter face creams for lightweight formulas is advised, it’s sometimes so much more than that. That’s where we come in. Schedule a skin check with us today and we can help give you customized advice that is specific to you and your skin type. We are here to help refresh your skin for the seasons ahead.
Rachelle Riley