If you’re stressed, you’re in good company. These are challenging times for many. Phones ring, doors slam, inboxes fill, and the list goes on. Add in responsibilities at work and home, and you can see why so many of us need to slow down and practice self-care so we can keep our hair full and our complexions clear. April is National Stress Month, so now’s the perfect time to take stock of stress and the effect it has on our health, including our skin and hair.

Skin and Hair 
Stress takes a toll on our skin and hair. It might sound surprising, but it’s true. Stress has been linked to skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, and thinning hair. We all want to look and feel our best, which often comes down to our hair and skin looking healthy. But how do we maintain our skin and hair health during stressful times?

How Stress Affects Your Hair 
Stress can cause three different types of hair loss. 
  • Too much stress forces your hair follicles into a resting phase where just washing or combing your hair can make it fall out. 
  • Some people can start tugging on their hair to relieve stress. This can lead to thinning hair on the head and the brows and lashes too. 
  • There’s a possibility that stress can cause your body’s immune system to attach your hair follicles, which makes your hair fall out.

Caring For Your Hair
If you’re under significant stress these days, it helps to use medical-grade haircare products to counter hair loss. These include hair-growth serum and nutritional supplements.

Hair Growth Serum 
You can apply topical products directly to your scalp twice a day. They have ingredients that keep your hair-follicle life cycle growing with a blend of antioxidants and minerals.

Supplements for Hair Growth 
West Dermatology carries products that help support your hair growth from the inside out. These oral supplements come in capsules and include the following quality products from Nutrafol: 
 Skincare is Self-Care 
Managing stress levels will keep breakouts at bay. So will regular skin care like cleansing and moisturizing. Take your self-care to the next level by having a long, relaxing skin care routine at the end of the day that helps you unwind. Need some tips? Check out our recent blog post about Transitioning Your Skincare to Spring.

Yoga to Relieve Stress 
You can calm the storm inside by hitting the mat and trying yoga. There is a reason people have practiced it for thousands of years. It’s a proven relaxation technique that relieves mental and physical stress by boosting your mood and enhancing your sense of well-being. So, take it one asana at a time, and you’ll see how much it helps you nama-STAY calm.

Since April is National Stress Month, now’s the perfect time to assess your stress levels and the effect it has on your health, including your skin and hair. Remember, skin breakouts and hair loss don’t have to be an inevitable part of stress. Our board-certified dermatologists can help you keep the clearest skin and fullest head of hair possible. Reach out today to one of our clinics to schedule an appointment and join the hundreds of other patients enjoying better skin and hair health. 
Rachelle Riley