how to prevent dry skin when flying on a plane
Airplane air is very dehydrating! But never fear, world travelers. We’ve rounded up a list of tips to keep your skin supple and healthy-looking before, during, and after your flight, so you look just as great at your destination as you did at departure.

Before the Flight
  • Don’t wear makeup, which tends to look cakey over dry skin and could potentially irritate your complexion.
During the Flight
  • Spray a hydrating facial mist over your skin whenever you need a refresh. Ingredients like rosewater and glycerin are especially effective.
  • Use a hydrating serum or face oil to rebalance your skin’s moisture levels. 
  • Layer a moisturizing cream on top of other products to prevent fluid from escaping your skin.
  • If you’re going to have the window open, apply SPF, since you’ll be even nearer to the sun’s rays than you are on the ground.
  • Drink plenty of water or caffeine-free tea to replenish your skin’s moisture from the inside. Aim for one cup for every hour of the flight.
  • Avoid alcohol, since it dehydrates your whole system.
After the Flight
  • Cleanse with a gentle formula to rinse away germs and debris without dehydrating skin further.
  • Wear a heavy moisturizing mask to help replace the lost fluid.
  • Apply eye patches to concentrate moisture on the delicate skin below the eyes.
Follow the steps above, and your skin should look as good as new, wherever you land.  Bon voyage!