WestDerm Men's Regrowth and Strengthen Kit 2mo Supply

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This proprietary hair regrowth system is a non-surgical alternative for men experiencing hair thinning or baldness. FDA-proven, medical grade Minoxidil USP 5% in combination with specially formulated shampoo and conditioner, helps optimize scalp health and reactivate hair follicles to stimulate regrowth of hair

  • The only FDA-approved, hair regrowth ingredient
  • Proven to help reactivate and simulate hair follicles to re-grow hair
  • Precision dropper applicator makes it easy to target affected areas

SKIN TYPE: Dry, Normal, Oily

SKIN CONCERNS: Hair thinning, Repair


  • Minoxidil USP 5%

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: After using Regrowth and Strengthen Shampoo and Regrowth and Strengthen Conditioner, towel dry hair to remove excess moisture. Then, apply 5% Minoxidil Regrowth and Strengthen Serum Rx directly to the scalp in the hair loss area twice a day or as directed by your physician. 

SIZE: Regrowth and Strengthen Shampoo 6.7 fl. Oz (200 ml), Regrowth and Strengthen Conditioner 6.7 fl. OZ (200 ml), Regrowth and Strengthen Serum Rx 2 fl. Oz (60 ml) x2

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Mark Anflick (Thousand Oaks, US)
Not sure yet if it’s working

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