As part of our West Dermatology Family of Practices, we often steer our patients toward clinical-grade skincare brands that get results and can penetrate into the skin’s deeper layers. When we recommend specific products from those brands, it helps to have a wide variety at hand, so we can tailor our suggestions to each patient’s needs. As an added bonus, the brands’ education programs can make purchasing decisions easier for patients and clinics alike. 

Any type of product that is designated as “medical-grade” must pass the scrutiny of the FDA through double-bind and controlled trials. These products can’t be marketed without first proven safe and effective. Over-the-counter products, on the other hand, are self-regulated by the cosmetics industry. There’s no consistent standard in place for their production. The active ingredients in medical-grade products can be stronger than those sold over the counter. These products contain higher levels of such ingredients as antioxidants, retinol, and peptides. Because of their clinical nature and strength, these skincare lines tend to provide more noticeable results than their counterparts sold in the stores.

These products often offer a better value for our patients as they usually take less actual product to achieve the results our patients desire. Our patients can save money by receiving a product that’s specifically suited to their needs, rather than experimenting with several different kinds, hoping to find one that works. These products can give the anti-aging benefits and protection our patients desire. Take a look at each of our partner brands and what they have to offer, so you can make an informed decision about which ones are best for you.

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