This Halloween season, it's time to (trick or) treat yourself to fantastic skin care tips and products that will keep your skin healthy before and after the holiday. From "goblin" up moisture to "masquerading" with a clarifying mask, we have all the product recommendations your skin craves, and you need to reach those skin goals.

Masquerade With A Clarifying Mask  
You'll want to purify your skin after wearing Halloween makeup, especially if it is the skin-clogging type. Most costume makeup from the Halloween store can cause acne breakouts, allergic reactions, and rashes. If you used it this Halloween, your skin needs a deep cleaning like the type you can get from the West Dermatology Clarifying Clay Mask. It draws out impurities and minimizes the appearance of pores.

Keep your Skin Goblin Up Moisture  
Halloween is a great time to switch your moisturizer to something rich and heavy that will protect you through the colder months ahead. We recommend SkinCeuticals Emollience restorative moisturizer for normal to dry skin types.

Don't Ghost Your Serum Routine 
Keeping an antioxidant serum in your skin care routine can go a long way to protect you from free radical damage. Reach for SkinCeuticals CE Ferulic for proven protection against free radicals.

Carve Out Some Time For A Facial   
A professional facial from a licensed esthetician is the ultimate way to keep your skin healthy. Your esthetician will pamper your skin until it glows as bright as a jack-o-lantern. Plus, they'll help you set up the best skin care regimen possible and tailor product recommendations to your specific skin needs.

Rest In Peace  
Sleep is vital to keeping your skin healthy. It's the time of day when your skin rests and repairs itself. For maximum skin health, follow the expert's advice and get 7-8 hours of sleep a night if you're an adult and 9 hours if you're a teen. And remember to wash your face before you fall asleep at night, especially if you wear makeup.

Banish Dark Circles  
Getting adequate sleep can go a long way to banish dark circles under your eyes. But sometimes, even rest isn't enough. You may need to treat yourself to an under-eye product like Alastin Restorative Eye Treatment. It reduces the appearance of puffiness and dark circles around the eyes.

Hallo(ween) Yourself Off Unhealthy Foods  
Did you know that fried food and alcohol cause free radicals which harm your skin? A free radical is a molecule with an unpaired electron that scavenges your body looking to bind with an electron. If it pairs with a regular electron, it oxidizes and causes damage. Oxidation breaks down your collagen and elastin. It can make your skin sags, wrinkle, discolor and age prematurely.

Treat Yourself To Antioxidant-Rich Foods  
A little fried food and alcohol are to be expected but make sure you don't overdo it. Support your skin with antioxidant-rich foods like almonds, avocado, sweet potato, and grapes. These foods are loaded with antioxidants that bind with a free radical's unpaired electron, rendering it harmless to your skin.

It's time to (trick or) treat yourself to skincare tips and products to keep your skin healthy before and after the holiday. So use a clarifying mask after wearing Halloween makeup, choose a heavier moisturizer, keep up with your serum routine, get a professional facial, get your sleep, use an under-eye product, limit fried foods and alcohol, and eat plenty of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables.
Rachelle Riley