Goodbye winter and hello spring! With its warmer air and increased humidity, this time of year reminds us that just as the seasons change, so do our skin care needs. It’s time to get ready for the new season ahead. From switching your moisturizer to upping your SPF, we’ve got all the tips you need for a successful transition.

Switch to a Lighter Moisturizer 
Springtime is all about light, water- based moisturizing. You no longer need those rich, heavy moisturizers that were vital during the dry winter months. Treat yourself instead to something new from our online shop.

Slough off winter’s dead, dry, itchy skin with gentle at-home exfoliation this spring. If you want to treat yourself, book one of our in-office treatments like a facial, dermaplaning, or a chemical peel and start the season with fresh, glowing skin.

Up Your SPF  
Prepare your skin to face sunnier days by upping your SPF to 50. Choose a broad spectrum product that will protect you from both UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) rays. Chemical or physical (mineral) sunscreens are both effective. Use a mineral sunscreen on your face if you’re prone to breakouts since mineral sunscreens won’t clog your pores.

Get Down With It 
Bring sunscreen down below your jawline and onto your neck. And, remember to use SPF on all your skin that will be exposed to the light like your ears, shoulders, arms, chest, hands, legs, and feet.

Don’t Rely on Your Foundation’s SPF 
Remember to use a sunscreen that’s separate from the SPF in your foundation. To get the full SPF number promised on the bottle, slather on a thick layer of sunscreen about the size of a quarter. Only after this soaks in, follow up with a thinner layer of foundation. SPF loses its potency as the day wears on, so bonus points if you apply an SPF face powder throughout the day.

Swallow an Antioxidant Pill 
Add to your daily sun protection routine with an antioxidant supplement. ISDIN Photo SUNISDIN is a once-a-day pill that reduces free-radical damage by improving your skin’s ability to fight oxidative stress. It also helps your skin look brighter and more radiant and boosts hydration, firmness, and elasticity.

Spring Clean 
It’s time to toss out those mystery bottles of product and start fresh again. Check the expiration date and toss it if it’s old. If you’re not sure when it expires, it’s best to let it go and buy something fresh and new. This especially applies to sunscreen, which loses its potency with time.

Wash Your Tools  
Spring is the time to wash away the old makeup and grime that accumulated on your sponges, brushes and rollers over the winter. Brushes and sponges can harbor harmful bacteria that hurt your skin care goals. Clean tools = healthy skin. Use a gentle brush cleanser and then let your tools air dry, or you can blow dry them if you’re in a hurry.

Say goodbye to winter and hello to spring with its new set of skin care needs. It’s time to transition your skin care routine to the new season ahead. So, switch to a lighter moisturizer, exfoliate, increase your SPF, use sunscreen all over your body, use a sunscreen that’s separate from the SPF in your foundation, take a sun-protection pill, spring clean, and wash your beauty tools.
Visit us for a skin check and find out how preventative care can help you reach your skin care goals. 
Rachelle Riley