During this time of year, it’s very common for many of us to experience that uncomfortably dry, tight feeling of chapped lips. It’s no wonder that it makes us wanting some serious relief, fast! Luckily, you no longer have to let the winter weather impact your perfect pout. Down below, we take you through the main causes of chapped lips and how you can give dehydrated lips a kiss goodbye with some easy-to-follow tips.

The thin and delicate skin barrier on our lips can become easily chapped by a variety of different reasons. Cold, dry and windy air are environmental factors that greatly impact our lip health, along with sun exposure. Licking your lips can also be the culprit! Saliva evaporates quickly and contains the same chemicals used to kick-off digestion, leaving you with dry and cracked lips. Some other factors include breathing with your mouth open, and eating foods with a lot of acid, salt and spice that could irritate the skin. While chapped lips are very common, it’s important to protect and hydrate them with proper treatment.

Fact: When you drink more water, your skin tends to stay more hydrated — even if you’re typically on the dry side. That said, it’s no surprise that the same also applies to your lips. Take that inside-out approach, and as per the recommendation of Harvard Medical School, try to drink four to six glasses of water a day. 

Invest in a lip mask, or apply a heavy-duty salve like Vaseline or Aquaphor to the area a few times a day to help protect your pout. You can also choose to apply a generous layer of the mask or salve before going to bed to help repair the skin barrier while you sleep. 

Exfoliating your lips a few times a week can help to reduce a dry, flaky appearance. Consider investing in a lip scrub, or DIY one by mixing a small amount of sugar with lip balm or Vaseline. Make sure not to overdo it – use the lip scrub once or twice a week at most to maintain moisture levels.

Stash a lip balm in your handbag, at your desk, and in your car to make sure it’s within reach anytime you need a boost in hydration. If you’ll be outdoors, make sure to pick up a balm with SPF to prevent irritation or dryness caused from direct sun exposure. A great choice is the Antioxidant Lip Repair from SkinCeuticals. Click HERE to shop.

We tend to forget about our lips, but keeping them healthy should be an important part of your skincare routine. Follow the above tips and you’re parched puckers will be thanking you in no time! If you want more personalized advice, feel free to reach out and schedule your appointment today!
Rachelle Riley