This time of year, our team feels a renewed passion about what they do - and it's not only because Thanksgiving is around the corner. November is known as National Healthy Skin Month, and it's the perfect occasion to recommit to the largest organ in the human body. Our motto is "healthy skin is our passion," so this national holiday means a lot to us.

All month long, we will be going over the fundamentals of skin health with our patients, and you're invited to join us. As a first step, we've outlined some daily habits to follow to keep your skin as healthy as possible:

> Wear sunscreen and protective clothing: We have said it numerous times before, and we will likely keep saying it because it's just that important. UV radiation is the leading cause of skin cancer, so covering up could prolong your skin health, and even your life. Limit your UV exposure with broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher, as well as long sleeves and pants when the temperature allows. 

> Avoid sunlamps and tanning beds: Now that the weather has cooled down, you may be tempted to hit the tanning beds but please don't. These manmade light sources expose skin to harmful UV rays. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, just one indoor tanning session can increase your skin cancer risk by 67%.

> Wear sunglasses: Sunglasses help protect the skin around your eyes from UV damage.

> Moisturize every day: Dehydrated skin is uncomfortable and looks dull. Pick a moisturizer suited for your complexion type and your skin will appear more supple.

> Contain excessive sweating: Incidentally, November is also National Hyperhidrosis Month, so if excessive sweating is disrupting your day-to-day, now is the time to talk about it with your doctor. At our offices, many of our providers prescribe patients under-arm wipes called QBREXZA, which helps control perspiration under the arms. You can read more about the product HERE.

On top of the everyday tips above, one of the most important things you can do for your skin health is to schedule a skin check with a board-certified dermatologist. Getting regular skin checks helps you detect any problems, including skin cancer, early enough to have a better prognosis. Whatever your needs, we are always happy to help you achieve resilient, happy skin.
Rachelle Riley